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tv   [untitled]    March 12, 2012 2:30am-3:00am PDT

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francisco police department. like anything we do, we need to make sure it is done in a way that is specific to san francisco and the san francisco way. there is a way to make that happen. on the part of the board of supervisors, and i can speak to myself, it is important for us as a board, as a legislative body, to make a commitment, to make sure that to the extent additional resources are needed, those are resources that are provided at -- provided. not only in the city government but to the extent their partnerships which can develop without side foundations of people who are interested in making sure we with this issue for a. i want to identify president mazzucco. we would not be having this meeting without the leadership of president mazzucco. thank you, mr. president, for making that happen. tonight is not about adults
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speaking. it is about mainly hearing from the youth and the young people who came out. i want to knowledge i have seen firsthand all the positive things that so many police officers are doing around the issue of youth and the issue of youth. we have seen it in the eng leside district. it is about improving on the positive things. i will turn it over to my colleague, supervisor avalos, who i know is interested in this issue. thank you for being here. it is a very exciting night. supervisor camposr avalos: i look at the heart of community policing is about relationships. relationships have to happen at all levels of government.
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this is one level that is important that we engage that. that is at the commission level and the department level. we also have a lot of folks from the community as well. the crux of the relationship is we are listening and hearing from each other about our experiences and doing our worked. i cannot stay here the whole time but i wanted to be here to show that i am very interested in this dialogue that is going on. i can come back with the commissioner who i have appointed, commissioner yang. before i go, i do want to say there has been a lot of great work i have seen in district 9 in district 11 between young people and the police department ingleside station. we have formed together where young people and police officers have done a lot of work in getting to know one another. it has happened and shows there
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is a real interest. making sure we can put for the best practices in community policing we can do. there are resources. the board, we want to be able to make sure that we are funding and supporting prevention resources by resources for the police department as well, to be sure you have the tools you have to do your work and meet the needs of young people and the safety of our communities. thank you for coming together. i am sorry i cannot be here all night. president mazzucco: thank you, supervisor avalos. supervisor campos? supervisor campos: she and h illary in my office, thank you for helping to make this happen.
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[applause] president mazzucco: thank you. and now, we have mr. paul henderson from the mayor's office. i see him back there, and now he is making his way forward. >> hello. wow . i am so excited to see all of these people here in the court room. my name is paul anderson. i am the deputy chief of staff for the mayor. i am excited that this court room is filled with all of these young people and the police department. this is such a big deal. let me just say, from the mayor's office and for me personally, i am so excited that you guys put this meeting together to have this type of interaction, where you have people interacting not necessarily with the police but
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in the city. this is transformative and helpful, and for me, personally, a young gish, african-american person who grew up in this city, in the bayview, you know, i remember, my mother was a public defender here in san francisco, and i grew up and actually have a couple of issues, and i got arrested, and i remember my mother coming toygc and coming to get me and telling the helen paris she was for my behavior, -- coming to ygc and coming to get me and telling me how embarrassed she was for my behavior. staying in school and getting an education, interacting with law enforcement differently really was transformative for my life,
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and having experiences like all of you are experiencing today can be the same. that is why i am excited you all are here. ultimately, after i left school and became a prosecutor at the district attorney's office, again, another embarrassment for my mother at the public defender's office, but it was a proud embarrassment, and i have to say that these are the kinds of things that my parents wished i could ever participate in as a young person, so what i am hopeful for an am encouraged by is all of your presence here, and after hanging out in city hall and seeing the other side of what happens within the police commission and within law enforcement that we all go out as agents of change and talk to our community, talk to our friends, talk to our families about the things that we learned and the things that we seek to try to change perceptions and
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increase the partnership that i think absolutely should exist between all of the communities but particularly the young community and law enforcement, as well, so it really, it is a personal thing to me, and i am so excited that you guys are here, and i hope you get a lot out of this meeting because i think it is a great thing to see what takes place and the kinds of things that get discussed and how the police department actually operates and how that coincides with the interest of youth in the city. you guys are doing such a great job, and i want to commend both of the commissions are planning a meeting like this and coming together, so thank you for being here and paying attention and wanting to be in city hall and to share knowledge back and forth and having these joint meetings. of for the, it will just open the door to future partnerships. thank you for having me. thank you for being here.
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president mazzucco: thank you, mr. henderson. before continue, and i survived the youth commission in my house. a fellow commissioners said we need to acknowledge those who are here, so we went to a knowledge our public officials who are here tonight. >> good evening again. it is an honor today for the many individuals and apartments here. it is an honor for chief sir -- suhr and president mazzucco. this represents the desire in san francisco, and it is a pleasure to have them and allowing us to use their chambers. thank you to supervisor campos for his leadership on this
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issue, and it is always a pleasure to have many city department leaders and youth, stakeholders. thank you, chief, from dcyf, claudia anderson with eastern support services, tara reagan, paul. i am glad we have many influential players in the chamber tonight. i also want to set the tone of tonight's meeting. i am personally very interested to hearing all of your genuine experiences you have had in the past, however we do want to keep the conversation moving forward, so therefore, i
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believe the theme, the concept that we are trying to set or atone is let's advocate, let's advocate as individuals, as individuals who have experience, whether it is negative interactions with police, let's attach it to your experiences and story by identifying the root problems that we have and also providing solutions so that we can learn from each other, and also, we would like to hear the positive outcomes that have occurred with youth and police officers, so please share those so that we can replicate those in the future, and also, we know we have, as a youth commission, and the committee, thank you for being here today. thank you for the many, many hours on this project, preparing for it. we have some issues we would like to talk about, and if you
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have not received the survey, which is out in front, please fill it out. this is around some of the issues we like to talk about, training, that we would like to see for the police department, where they can involve youth, community-based organizations involved in the training, as well, and they can be included in real-life scenarios where we can say how these substance- based ratings can provide visual guidance of the interaction as we know the substance based training has accomplished in goals in the past, excuse me, from the procedure. it has reduced over 50%, and we
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would also like to talk about having a concept -- comprehensive distribution of the know your rights bulletins, because this is how you should interact, sylvia comes cannot become negative, also guiding them in knowing what their rights are and process. we would also like to talk about perhaps a revised mou and we understand the powers that be and the ways that police officers are given -- giving their lives to their job, and their profession, and we understand that, need be, arrests have to be made, but we also want to take into the fact
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that our city has been a leadership city, and taking into account the youths' perspective, and at schools where arrests may be made, and that they can be handled appropriately. the job has to be done. it also impacts the classroom and others. i believe with all of the leadership and attendance and all the creativity, i am confident that we will reap positive outcomes for today, so thank you, and think you to the members of the public today. we're interested in hearing your experiences and stories, but please, let's advocate. thank you. president mazzucco: thank you, commissioner ontiveros. i want to thank my fellow commissioner, commissioner chan, for her hard work.
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commissioner chan: it is also mario, too. president mazzucco: 01 to start with some, including the excelsior unit, and the youth. the vietnamese youth development center. the juvenile advisory department. huckleberry you services. the mission neighborhood center, the northwest crisis response network, the samoan community development center, the sunset use services, larkin street center for young women development, the omega boys club, with its director year, dr. marshall, the japanese community youth center, the institute of familia, the boys
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and girls club, the international studies high- school, the united playas, sfpd teen/young adult form, the referral center, the truancy assessment referral center, downtown high school, the advisory board, horizons unlimited, the jewish vocational services, and others, so you can see we have a lot of groups in this town that are dedicated, and it is a very diverse group. an announcement here. an announcement to make from the sheriff's department. vehicles parked in front of city hall, 1050 and 1192 need to be removed. i am just passing that along. we are going to move into public
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comment, because we want to hear from the kids first, to hear what you are thinking, and then we will hear from the organizations to have participated in making this a great city for youth, and then we will hear from the police department and occ, and as my colleague said, part of this is about opening a dialogue. there are the officers you see tonight, your researchers officers -- resources officers. they are protecting the community, and sometimes it is hard to seabed beyond the badge. without further ado, we will move in. and specter, please call the item. clerk: item number two, public comment. members of the public are about to address, but not to
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individual commissioners or to department or occ personnel. during public comment, neither police nor occ personnel nor commissioners are required to respond but may provide a brief response. individual commission rules -- commissioners and police and occ personnel should refrain from having a conversation. we have a lot of people who want to speak, so we will limit the comments to two minutes. president mazzucco: thank you. first speaker. you are on. >> peter alexander. i am speaking on behalf of a 10- year-old child.
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i have here an interview with me with the former head of los angeles fbi, ted gunderson, and i wish to give this to the youth commission to review and then to share this with our most excellent police chief, chief suhr. i am going to read off some names. willie brown, arlen specter, barney frank, roger mahony, ratzinger, who is now a book, robert byrd, george bush, warren buffett, and michael ikea. it was 1985 at the bohemian grove. it was a ritual, sort of a catholic nazi satanic working. if you will, there were nine relative unknowns which i just named. the most unique killing table with nine, retractable, sharp
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knives. a young catholic, collins, snatched off the streets of san francisco, was sacrificed. after this, each participant, buoyed by the others, rose to prominence. leaders of the minions, princes. nine arms, 9 blades, and this is very important because the statute of limitations of murder, there is none, and i was present at this event. as is described in detail on this document, and i give this to the youth because i trust you more than i trust lawyers, because adults can sometimes be compromised. i trust the police chief, but i want the used to read this, and i also read papers that i will hand to both sides of the table regarding the details of this
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abduction and murder. ted gunderson, as i said, was the former head of the los angeles fbi. he interviewed me. i provided every name, every description of what occurred, and i am asking at this time that the people involved be dealt with by the law enforcement, swiftly and effectively, because this young man has been buried in history, and is now time to do him true justice. i am your servant. and i thank you for blessing me with a few moments of your time. thank you very much. president mazzucco: if you were actually present at a crime, you can talk to the officers about what you saw. next speaker. unfortunately, it is public
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comment, so people can say anything. we are here with the use, but we will hear from other groups, fortunately or unfortunately, so -- >> my name is hobby. -- habib. i am a mother of four, and i am very concerned about what happens in this subculture. there is the criminal exploitation of children by the retired detective. he writes, human intelligence is a fancy way of describing how the intelligence community uses children to compromise anybody they deem necessary, extortion and human intelligence are often byproducts of pornography and prostitution. in 1992, after two hours of conversation with michael, who has admitted a long involvement with, names deleted, and other
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covert operations concerning the types of operations he had been involved in during his lifetime, it became apparent that he had become involved at a very young age. when asked, he stated that at the age of 13 while visiting chile with members of the council, he was recruited by a common name deleted, of the cia. at this time, he was asked if he had in fact become a chicken, which is a term used by pedophiles to talk about the children that they prey on, and he said yes and said he had also been trained in the fine art of human intelligence. the investigation continued until 1989. the evidence uncovered in this investigation proves that 834 children were kidnapped and used by this subculture. [bell] president mazzucco: you have 30
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seconds. >> this is only the tip of the iceberg of the depravity that was covered up. the most comprehensive and accurate book about an actual kidnapping and the usual cover of that occurs was written by the mother of one person, and the book is "why can't johnny come home?" >> excuse me, your time is up. president mazzucco: thank you. now we can hear from the youth. >> i am a sophomore at high school, and i would like to thank you for allowing us the opportunity to voice our concerns. the teenaged form has been meeting for the past seven months, and when chief suhr visited the magic zone, he said he could do everything we listed
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accept or having police officers. we walked away believing our ideas would be put in action, and we hope this is still the plan. can someone tell us the purpose of the chief's teen forum. we do not know what they were planning. we would like to revisit the ideas that were presented to the chief at the beginning of the year. president mazzucco: thank you. next. >> my name is jackson. i go too -- i am a sophomore. i would like to revisit the project that we hope to organize with the sfpd. we asked the chief on career day where the young people could learn about different careers in law enforcement. meeting with the teen forum. were affirmed by commander ali
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in san francisco. a work force of focus. we would like to increase participation. if you others our policy, sensitivity training workshops, and other events that can bring the police and community together. we hope that our ideas will be implemented for the community. thank you. president mazzucco: thank you. >> hello, my name is libya, and i go to mercy high school. to incorporating this in their meetings to help benefit the whole community. working together for months, we should be able to incorporate all ideas that are given. by keeping the youth from participating in the process, you are hindering communications from occurring. in the future, the youth should be included in all steps or maximum results. thanks. >> hi, i am -- and i would like to address the transportation
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fees for the youth. cash strapped families who cannot afford to let their families use bart and muni would be helped tremendously. this would encourage them to not stay home in their collective neighborhoods and look for employment opportunities that might be elsewhere. >> high. after collaborating with law- enforcement, we want to ensure that our ideas are implemented into a process bringing the community and law enforcement together. we are trying to make our community reaches its full potential working on law- enforcement. in order to reach our goals and better our community, both communities -- both parties need to be working together throughout the process. >> hello, my name is -- shapiro. i go too -- i am a junior. i would like to address the absence of law enforcement officials.
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relationships are strained. we could fix this by putting their presence in the activities. basically, the police should be around in situations other than when illegal deeds are occurring. they will be seen not on as a means of authority but as a friend to the community as well. thank you. president mazzucco: thank you. next speaker. >> hunters point family, and we are here to show our support for the wilderness program and another program. >> hello, my name is -- and i am here to represent the rafting trip. i would like to go again. also, without officer michael, i would not be able to have this experience. >> my name is -- and i am
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looking forward to go fishing later on in the summer with the program. >> my name is michael, and i have been fishing with officer mike a couple of times in the past years. i would like to go again. i have also been rafting. officer mike, he did not just take this on fishing trips. he took us on a trip. i would like to go again. president mazzucco: thank you. >> thank you. >> hi, my name is -- and i represent the bernal heights neighborhood center, and i represent the media crew. we are here to talk about the youth summit we of the organizing in the excelsior district. this year, we are working on a
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youth summit addressing policing in our district. the past two were also organized with the captain of the ingleside station, so we are actually doing even collaboration with our districts, so i am going to pass it on to the youth and let them let you know what we have been doing. >> good evening. i am -- i represent the bernal heights community center, and we have been working for months planning this year's summit that will take place on may 19. it will be, the issues we will be addressing our cuts, lack of jobs, and police brutality. we have, long way and analyzing a lot of these issues, and we feel it is important for our community to be aware of these issues that are present, all of the members of our community, and i just want to reiterate


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